Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Future Of Performance Art

Theatre is all about communicating an idea or a story to an audience through combinations of gesture, speech, song, music or dance. And being a talkative person, this had to be my area of research.

I see the present and the past of theatre as its future. So much has already been done; artists have gone to extremes not just to move their audiences but to also learn from their performances. There’ve been performances that last for months together with the artist learning more than the audience. The only difference I predict for the future is not much in the performance aspect but in the stage dynamics.

We’re already living in a time where the artist becomes everything on stage from the props to the sound to the co-performers. The artist uses simple props, costume and lighting to have a conversation about the most complex things. I've noticed a lot of repetition in the movement of the performers in order to bring about an impact. Performance has become more about an instilling experience than mere entertainment.

My inspirations are

Jyoti Dogra : An Indian stage and screen actor. One of my greatest inspirations is her performance 'The Doorway'.
Marina Abramovic : Called the grandmother of performance art. Her physically and emotionally draining performances are mostly about exploring the limits of the human body.
Pina Bausch : A dance theatre performer with some brilliantly choreographed pieces namely Café Muller and The Rite of spring.
Nikhil Chopra : A charcoal artist and performer with performances dealing with daily life experiences and indulgence in multiple personalities.

In my future prediction of this long lived stage art I see the performances being produced in restricted spaces as the large has already been widely delved into. I see the artist controlling the audience not always with a connect (traditionally an eye contact in the predominant theatre culture) but by the intriguing disconnect. I’m imagining a time where dialogues are replaced by sounds or movement, where the performances are monochromatic with something as simple as a single source light.

As a final output of my project I plan on devising a performance hopefully as how I see the future of theatre to be. I will be talking about the performance idea in my next post.

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