Friday, February 24, 2012

Future Prospects of Movement (Transportation proposals)

Proposal : Future modes of transportation

INITIAL APPROACH: What one could save time by traveling through time dimension? Although I am not talking about the grandfather paradox where a man can travel back in time and kill his biological grandfather before the latter met the traveler's grandmother, it is the simple concept of moving against the earth’s rotation.

What if there was a train that could allow one to travel from India to Russia and back, in half the duration? There have been researchers who have thought about moving against the axis of the earth in a speed greater than it’s rotation. I think it is possible that the train would catch fire even if the body of the train were made of the strongest metal that exists. But what if, there were train lines that could signify timelines. Alternate paradoxes would fill the space that the earth provides. Spatial interventions would boom, allowing the scope of research on Meta physics as well. Space-time travel would also be possible, preventing any clashes of history.

I think the possibilities would be endless. Allowing us to explore parallel universes and learn more about humans in an instant. We could live in era of mutable and immutable timelines.Based on physics, the train passes through tunnels (wormholes) on the tracks (cosmic strings) at the speed faster than that of light.

FINAL: After doing intensive research on time and its capabilities, I realized most theories are just hypothetical. I figured my initial approach was very vague. Although it consists of facts, it still lacks a clear-cut direction, leaving all the possibilities of metaphysics, time dimensions, etc. wide open. Considering I am designing for the near future I shouldn’t rely on things such as cosmic strings, because they haven’t been entirely proven as a possibility. But keeping in mind my interest in public trafficking and transport, I will still proceed with newer advanced methods of transport.

Movement in masses is common. We live in a world where humans walk side by side with machines to travel in city spaces. One concept I thought of was the possibility of a Segway with artificial intelligence. A.I. is very unique and there are immense possibilities of its usage in vehicular movement. Even in planes, autopilot might just be an obsolete feature in the near future. Mark Safford says, “Transportation is one of the most important, yet also one of the most overlooked activities within modern society.”

My project would revolve mainly around pre-existing modes of transport modified in accordance to the new changes in the world. Population explosion is inevitable hence serious action must be taken to avoid the demise of well-maintained spaces. Cities will get more advanced but we should try not to invade cultural territories.

The outcome of this project will vary from future prospects of modes of transport to the possible city structures in the not so distant future. I will try to perceive the future with perspective drawings and design strategies. I will try to conceptualize movement of people within a given locale. Humans and artificial intelligence are the main factors in this approach.

I will also mention that 50-100 years down the line, the possibilities of a new TOE (Theory of Everything) is discovered. Hence, maybe an iteration of the string theory using a train and a tunnel also.

I have taken references and research materials from many people. Here are a few of them :

Michael Talbot: The Holographic Universe, David Bohm: Wholeness and The Implicate Order, Mark Safford: Thoughts on The Future of Transportation

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