Thursday, February 23, 2012

The design of the spoon Kanak Jaitli

The subject of my design is “cutlery”. After much research on the topic, I narrowed down to the design of spoon. For my research, I intend to focus on the design of the spoon through the ages. The shape, the materials, the size, the cultural context and the food that the spoon is used for, is what I will be taking into account.
I will be designing prototypes as my final outcome. I will study the different “types of food” eaten by people all over the world. I will then, select 5 types and work on creating a new design of spoon for them.
To go about this process, I have found 3 heroes or the people who have made remarkable difference in the design of spoon. The first person is Carl Pott. He was a German designer and his designs show the influence of Bauhaus and Ulm design schools. The design was fluid as well as aesthetic. The design had wide, hefty handles and simple outlines. It was bold, masculine and geometric in its design.

The next person is Wilhelm Wagenfeld. His notable designs within cutlery include glass containers and salt and pepper shakers. He was a student in Bauhaus and his designs reflect the influence of Bauhaus principles.
The third person was Arthur Price. He was a British cutlery designer. He was the first to design cutlery using chromium. He believed in elegance and decoration with a fusion of traditional British designs.
My aim is to study the designs of these people and bring in inspiration from them into my work.

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