Thursday, February 23, 2012

Space Travel

Space Travel
Space exploration has become one of the most important studies in scientific background. Travelling in space in long distances is the greatest challenge faced by NASA. Space holds unimaginable things that people are yet to discover. It can help us find alternative fuels, faster mode of transport and maybe even get in contact with other species from different planets that could help us learn better techniques to survive. All of this is just prediction but for it to happen is only possible when we discover a better mode of travelling in space so we could explore our vast never ending universe. The possibilities of travelling in space faster and more efficiently is something that is under study and is only possible in about fifty years from now and I am assuming what will exist in the future for us to travel faster so as to explore and learn what is yet unknown to mankind.
Antonio Ereditato working on Neutrinos, which are particles faster than light, Arthur C. Clark, the inventor of space elevator and Michael Minovitch working on gravitational pull are the three scientists who are looking at a bigger picture and even though they are working on different projects, they all in the end benefit travelling in space in the future. NASA’s space study has also benefited people’s lifestyle on Earth and in the same way can find a better way to travel on Earth as well.
I expect to create visuals that would show how I predict the transportation system in the future based on current facts and the speed in which it is developing, will develop and has developed in the past fifty years.  The assumption of how the future transportation system would appear will be shown in a form of a book of illustrations.


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