Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Perception Of Reality.

Physics, as a discipline has allured me for quite some time now. What enticed me was not just the vast body of knowledge that it already was. What mattered to me more was to know the seemingly infinite amount of unknowns and undiscovered.

Through this project I want to address the hypothesis and perceptions of post 20th century Physics, concentrating on the past and a speculated future of the Universe. Of late, a couple of discoveries have sent theoretical and applied Physics into uncertainty. I want to bring to interpretation all the possibilities that will now surround us once we accept that all we know has to be unlearned. I want to work on the myriad perceptions of reality that have been thought up over time. I wish to discuss this and propose a supposable theory on what I think of reality and how the Universe works. I plan to do this through a poem and illustrations.

I am looking into the works of Carl Sagan – astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist & author; Lawrence Krauss – theoretical physicist & author & Robert Desnos – surrealist poet.

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