Friday, February 24, 2012

Electronic Wallet

The use of mobile phones has increased exponentially in the last couple of years. 70% of the world population has a mobile phone. It is easily available to a wider public. Now with 3G technologies available, connecting to the Internet has become much easier.

I started my project with an idea of creating something that would make it easier for the mobile user to access the Internet. The idea of doing so was difficult as the area was quite broad. Looking to narrow down I started looking at different aspects of the mobile web and started concentrating on the financial part of it.

My project will be looking at a different medium of payment by making use of the mobile. It will be an application and will be able to make payments through your mobile. It will do so by making use of the camera and will scan a black and white code like a barcode or a QR code. The code will contain information like the bill amount, in whose name the bill is in and so on. The information will then be displayed on the mobile and there will be an option of payment. So you can make direct payment using your mobile. The app will be linked to the bank account so it will have all the account information.

For example when you are in a restaurant and you get your bill. The bill will have all the standard information but along with this, the code will also be printed. You scan the code using the mobile phone camera and all the information in the bill will be displayed on the mobile phone screen. You can then just press pay on the screen and it will make the payment hence eliminating the use of money or credit card. In a way your mobile becomes your electronic wallet.

Along with this, it will show you where one is spending and what different areas is he spending money like leisure, work, monthly expenses and so on and in a way helping you budget your spending.

There will be a website relating to the app that will display all this information in a better graphical way which is easy to understand for the user. It can also link up to your Facebook or twitter page and could show your places of interest in a way of how many times have you visited a restaurant thus making it your top interest and this could be possible for many other places you visit.

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