Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Traveller coming to Indian Metropolis in 2062

The persona of the traveller is something that I feel existed in the past, present and will be there in the future. The experience of seeing new places and having new experiences is inherent to human nature.
On this note, my project is about a day in the life of a traveller whose comes to an Indian metropolis in the year 2062 and keeps a visual journal.
There are a number of experts or 'heroes' that I attribute the experiences and environments to keeping the current state of innovation in the respective fields as the basis for the predictions.
There are 8 environments surrounding the the episodes of our traveller.

Episode 1: The Airport

Heroes : Kauko Helavuo, concept artist

Scott Robertson, artist

Episode 2: Mass Transport

Heroes : Jacque Fresco, industrial designer

Scott Robetson, illustrator

Episode 3: The Organic City

Heroes : Jacque Fresco, industrial designer

Karen Armstrong, city planner

Andreas Gyllenhammar, architect

Episode 4: The Public Space

Hero : Tobias Walissler, architect and educator

Anish Kapoor, artist

Episode 5: Education

Hero: Sugata Mitra, education theorist

Episode 6: Gender Relations

Hero: Alexis Madrigal, writer

Episode 7: Identity

Heroes: Nandan Nilekani, entreprenuer

Aleks Krotoski, writer

Episode 8: Slum of the future

Hero: H.G. Wells, writer

Robert Neuwrith, architect

The project is meant to be imaginative and relatable.

And this future relates my own stories of travels with the visuals that have been arrived at through research.

Designing this city environment falls in between the language of forms and visuals and experience.

Artwork: Harbour City by Yap Kun Rong

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