Friday, February 24, 2012

I want to start by identifying the different types of wood used for making different products and the change undergone in different countries.
Simultaneously, I want to look up different kinds of sounds or musical sounds that different materials produce.
At the end I will be making an interactive product where the sound and the material are combined to make an interior appliance interactive. At present I am planning to make a table which will be interactive with the help of sound.
I have got some ideas and a basic structure from a designer called Tor Clausen who makes instrumental furniture. He works mainly on the musical aspect of the product.

Iner Souster is another person whose work has influenced me on the instrumental side. He experiments with different kinds of materials and makes weird looking instruments.

Stanislav katz is also a designer with experimental furniture works and he makes furniture using different kinds of principles which I find is very good for resonance and amplification.

My focus will be on space and interaction of the product. The main objective is to bring a personal touch for the product using sound as the interactive tool. Giving people a different purpose to use furniture would be a very interesting and helps people use it more often.

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