Friday, February 24, 2012

Are we prepared?

ALL agree that the crisis is inevitable. In fact, the Oil crash may have already began.
I will be predicting the future without fuel/gas energy and building various fiction scenarios from facts. I will be talking only about the energy which is related to car/motor transportations.
My final outcome will be a 20 pages illustration book with a few lines to explain.

After researching and covering up most of the perspectives like money, political, scientific cars, I narrowed it down to the following points:
1.       Population and demand: the amount of fuel that we predicated was enough for a certain amount of population. If population was controlled we all could have lived without facing crisis.         
(My illustrations would explain the statistics using symbols)
2.       Hypothetical alternative sources for fuel:
Run you car on water:  This famous hypothetical concept I will be taking it forward. OR
A whole new process of using homemade bio fuels for your own cars. An underground factory for making bio fuels. OR                                                                                                                                                               Use our friends to run. The future generation will return back to horses, cows, and bulls.
(20 people on one horse going to office)  OR                                                                                                                                  By then in 2050, we will definitely learn to fly.
3.       The poor will change it.
Because of the changing modes of transportations, I fell there will definitely be a change in the use of old cars. Society consists of the poor and rich. The poor will definitely get affected if the new resources don’t reach them. They will build their own world of existence.
E.g. My prediction is there would be carghar. The zopadpatis will be migrating to car houses. In Mumbai, will get to see a huge pile of cars stack to form houses.

As my research is based on facts, the illustrations will have a lot of symbolism to support the facts.

Reference for my illutartions:
From the artist Lucinda Rogers.

Below are some of the links for my research:
Water hybrid cars:

For bio fuel alternatives: (From a book)
1. Cooking oil/grease
The by-product of much of home and restaurant cooking can be converted into biodiesel.
2. Human/animal waste
Using cloth diapers as a way of keeping poop out of landfills? This waste can actually be used as renewable energy. 3. Tires
According to the U.S. EPA, 45 percent of disposed tires are shredded and used as  tire-derived fuel. This fuel is used to power cement kilns, paper mills and numerous other manufacturing plants.
4. Packing peanuts
Consumers may know these peanuts by the Dow brand name Styrofoam. These foam peanuts are a challenge to recycle. Luckily, packing peanuts can be dissolved and turned into biodiesel.
5. Coffee grounds
Coffee grounds have a valuable disposal use outside of the compost pile. They can be turned into biodiesel.
The trick here is that used coffee grounds contain a fair amount of oil, equivalent to the amount of oil in soybeans or rapeseeds.
And many more links.

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