Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fetching from future.

Fetching From Future…

Textile has been my passion for a very long time. Textile has a very large spectrum. The branch of textile that I would be concentrating on is Hand weaving, Hand knitting so on and so forth that are related to production by hand.

My mentor is Lima and she is a NID Textile Design alumnus. She is working with grannies as entrepreneurs. ‘Granny’s Love’ is an initiative to revive the art of hand-knitting and to rekindle the pristine love of grandmothers in this nuclear world.

The abundance of energy coupled with their zest for life is simply amazing and inspiring to say the least. While juggling between family responsibilities, grandchildren, socializing and catching up on the recaps of their favorite soap they still have time to knit! She and her troop specialize in clothes for infants and toddlers and intend to expand and introduce organic cotton/wool as the knitting yarn.

She also is looking forward to making accessories with the same technique for infants and expanding to other products according to demand. She is taking young students to intern and will be encouraging younger designers to work on such skills and will bring their work into the public.

Basically, my final outcome will be a few samples of crochet and knitting and one product with either one technique. I am concentrating on knitting and crochet for now as I know the basics of the skill and I want to refine my knitting skills.

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