Thursday, February 23, 2012

Movies and Time

The idea is to look at movies that seem to deal with time either in the way the story is told or if time is a main subject of the movie and categorize it accordingly.
Idea is to continue to categorize and recategorzie it to create an info graphic.
The info graphic would also contain why time plays an important role in each movie. How they use time to tell stories and involve the viewer.
So far they all seem to have an emotional motive.
Also to look at how over time, movies have started making the viewer figure out the story and having constant hook by playing with time.
The list of movies right now is:

Midnight in Paris
Donnie darko
Back to the future
Time machine
Time traveler’s wife
Prince of Persia
Time bandits
Prisoner of Azkaban

In time

Wicker Park
Source code

Eternal sunshine for the spotless mind
Fight club
The prestige
The atonement
Mr. Nobody
Shutter Island

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