Thursday, February 23, 2012

The rulers of the screen performance art

The subject of my reserch is screen performance art clubbed with pop music. Performance art in itself is a new revolution in the next coming years. It is ruling over all forms of art these days including film making.
As I went through the screen performance artists, my two heroes are Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. The third hero is yet to be decided. The life story, art form singing style as well as potrayal of these artists is almost the same. In today's entertainment industry, everybody wants to be a hero. Everyone wants to survive. through all ups and downs. But in the rush of the fame, there is no scope for anybody else to become the devouring monster of fame. The arist will cry, potray, voilence, subjugation of the identity as a significance of the hero. The material danger is balanced with vulnerability.

Connection of dance with music, and then it is connected to fashion, culture, religion and most importantly theatre and acting. Which sums up to the inclusion of a diverse audiece.
The role of the audience is just an audience. The audience is never a hero. But the artists of the screen performance potray themselves as the victims of the society and its structure. They show themselves as the victims of the cruelty, cry and struggle, surrounded by the matrix of Blades. But in the end of the day they are the heroes. By combining vulnerability with the potrayal of victimisation they show the most intimate feelings of the human biengs, which everybody wants to escape from. And thus, in the end of the day they become the heroes of their lives.

I see screen performance art as a new canvas of  potrayal of emotions by the artists. Clubbed with theatre, into bits and pieces of movement, fashion, instillation art, as well as literature. I believe it will be a new revolution in the field of art with the iniltration of the other revolution of art happened in the past like mordenism, postmordernism, surrealism etc.
In the end, I would like to make a video as my own screen performance depicting different artists as well the ideology and the style.

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