Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The material of the chopstick Kanak Jailti

The material by which a chopstick is made is also very important and in the future this will be the most important aspect.

Currently, entire forests are being wiped out to mass produce chopsticks which are made from light wood in Japan and China. These light wood chopsticks are for a 'one time use' only. Thus, this process is not in harmony with the environment. Aspen wood is used to make disposible chopsticks.

The materials which can be used to make chopsticks in the future can be:
1. Water Hyacinth paper. It is hard, produces very less carbon footprint, and is cheap.
2. Bamboo. Bamboo is eco friendly, pesticide free and alos very cheap.
3. Recyclable paper chopsticks. Industrial designer Chung Ran Hee has made an attemped at this. This method is eco friendly and portable.

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