Thursday, March 29, 2012

Concept Art: City

Developing an idea for a future city involved taking inspirations from real life objects and then coming up with more ideas that could possibly develop into a city about 50 years from now. Inspiration was taken from artists like Dylan Cole and Feng Zhu who work a lot on designing environments in the field of concept art.
I restricted myself to digital drawing on Adobe Photoshop, and did not use any other software for creating all the works. I wanted to explore as many possibilities as I could in the past few weeks. One thing I realized was that this was less about the software, and more about hand drawing skills, which I wanted to sharpen. Reaching a high standard would probably take a few more years, and was practically impossible to reach in a few weeks. Combining that with digital media makes work much more interesting in many ways. But it was a great place to start with.

Initial Sketches

The idea about a suspended city was inspired by hanging crystal lamps. The sketches shown were developed digitally and then work was started to create a possible view of the city. The process involved developing a color palette

I imagine that after global warming, the level of water will rise drastically and there would be a lot of environmental changes. Probably in the next 70 years or something the cycle of the moon and planets would change, because of a solar storm. That would cause a lot of changes in the planetary tides, which would ultimately lead to cities that could drown, almost everyday. The change in color of the sky would also be more dramatic

Color Palette Development

Suspended buildings that could take the pressure and the flow of the water was one possible solution. When the water level rises, the building would act like miniature submarines. That way the normal everyday life would happen inside the spherical buildings, without actually being affected by the change in the planet.
The buildings would be connected with flexible material that would allow people to move from one area to the other. Possible vegetation could be done inside. Some of the buildings can serve as gas tanks, that provide air and oxygen to the rest of the city. Few buildings could provide water, and they would have all filtration facilities. Since the buildings are connected, pipelines that travel along with it could travel all the material as well.

Underwater concept

Transport in the city could be possible by means of miniature submersibles that would work when the tide rises. The spherical structure of the buildings would stand the pressure of water from all sides. During the non-tide hours, the builds could probably open up, somewhat like the blooming of a flower.

Monochrome drawing

Developing the final image involved the research of a lot of experimentation with digital drawing techniques and color studies. The final artwork shows the scene of the city during sunset/sunrise. References from real images were incorporated within this.

Final Concept Art

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