Friday, March 30, 2012

Screen performance art

My idea for screen performance art was to develop a  game design for people. I thouht to design a huge game for a futuristic city, charachters as well as situations and missions.
The game is based upon the manipulation of different pop videos and how can an individual manipulate the elements and the music on their own.
Location: The game is supposed to be in a place which is half hybrid of a futuristic city. The player can develop the city on his own. By using their own perspectives and laws, they can fiddle with the laws to make it more interesting. As shown in today's pop videos is which their is a symbolism for a whole new world and new Identities. The building of the city on our own gives the whole new range of opportunities to the player to set a new Identities. Howewver the situations the person faces will remain the same.

The Player: The player will evolve in many different stages of the city. Games Like GTA Sanandreas have a barber shop where you can go round the city in the shop and change your own look. I am thinking of making our own new charachter, with their own new materials, their new looks designed by the player itself. The new look will not be given by a human charachter design.
For example, in the first phase, the player is a safety pin. Now, Imagine how can You use a safety pin and personify it. Think of safety pin as a person, who walks and talks. And in the later stages, the person can develop whoever they want.

The helpers: As the city develops and the game proceeds, the player will face different problems with creating music, As music and a music video is not produced alone, there is a set of helpers which works for you. The helpers will also evolve in certain stages.
The game will develop, with future circumstances as well as facing of present circumstances by the player. How a music video will be made is by  developing the helpers on our own.

Taking the game forward: The game will be taken forward by completing the missions and by reaching the levels of fame.
Plot of the game:

The story begins in 2050 when XYZ (Player’s own set name) returns to the Future City to attend his/her mother’s funeral. Following his Brother Brian’s murder. Upon returning, corrupt police officers frame him for a fellow officer's murder unless he assists them.

XYZ returns to his former allies in his hometown band, working with his fellow helpers to reestablish the city’s the predominant musical band in The Future City. XYZ is also forced to help his neighbor, Carl, a wanna-be gangster rapper with no talent, get started with his music career by ruining the career of prominent rapper).

Xyz is contacted by a mediocre record company producer, who agrees to launch a show if XYZ agrees to work under him.

Later, after huge success of his shows, XYZ, along with the fellow helpers is invited by Woozie to become a partner in the production of a new album, where they are facing harassment from the Mafia-run Caligula's Palace casino. To displace the Mafia, they begin planning to rob Caligula's. Through the story, XYZ meets music producer Larry Hastings  and through him Caligula's manager Brian Fitcher.
Meanwhile the Mafia gang people try to kill XYZ, but XYZ manages to escape.

The Caligula’s manager goes to trial for several times, but the charges are dropped for lack of evidence, as – thanks to XYZ and all the helpers he uses to reach his fame, he puts himself out of all the problems. Because of XYZ’S fame, the manager’s release sends anger and shock throughout the city, triggering the in-game rendition of paparazzi follow up of XYZ.

During the paparazzi follow up and several rumors about XYZ, XYZ manages to produce one music album with 10 songs, and 5 of them are big hits. In spite of all rumors, the big star survives and is held up within the media.

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