Thursday, March 29, 2012

Info graphic of the movies

After various attempts to make an info graphic showing all that I have learnt from watching these movies. I had various issues with trying to abstract and incorporate all the elements of each movie. But as I tried finding elements of each movie I realized that a lot of them are not common factors.
This info graphic in fact does not have the time lines I posted about previously. As it did not fit with the info graphic I decided to make that separately. I will be posting those time lines soon. I am now hoping to find a different way representing the information I got out of the movies.
Right now the elements which I have incorporated are time travel and movies where time is an abstraction. Along with time travel there is the usual aspects as to why one would time travel, hey need something that would help them travel in time, what they are changing by going back int ime and what gave them the opportunity to go back in time. Almost every movie that has time travel will have to deal with these main aspects or address them at soem point of time. The issue with this is that although they address it they are  not clearly defined. So as this element is subjective it leaves one feeling unsure about the dissection of the movies itself.
My issue with these main topics is that they are very basic. They do not give justice to the story of the movie and does not give the opportunity to go into the greater details of time travel itself.
Apart from that the aesthetics of the info graphic itself are not satisfactory. 

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