Thursday, March 1, 2012

Questioning the survival of man -Raj Palan

Scott Robertson    Neville Page    Michael Kutsche    Bobby Chiu

These are few of the leading concept artists working in the entertainment industry today, whose work is a constant source of inspiration for me.
The imaginative works of art conjured by these artists have always captivated me, and their constant efforts to push their own boundaries has made them the stars of their field.
These people have an in depth knowledge of composition, anatomy, perspective, colour and light; which allows them to bring their ideas to life through a visual medium.
Having always been a dreamer i feel a strong connection to their works which, has fuelled within me, a desire to bring my own ideas to life.

For this project I am imagining a future in which the climatic conditions of earth have deteriorated and people have started to believe that the time for the extinction of the human race has come.
The dependence on technology and their sedentary lifestyle has made the humans weak and fragile and they are no longer able to withstand the harsh conditions outside.
Due to this some groups of people have started forming cults called evolutionaries which perform experiments on humans to modify their bodies.
Though human experimentation is still not legalized these cults use various means to hide their activities and perform their experiments in hope that they can find a successful way to strengthen their bodies.

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