Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sugarcane grown for fuel in Brazil

Sugarcane grown to power Brazil's cars and trucks as an alternative to climate-warming fossil fuels has a beneficial side effect: it also cools the local air temperature, scientists reported Sunday.Brazil’s government plans to boost investment in sugar-cane plantations by 60.5 billion reais ($35.4 billion) during the next four years to ensure an adequate supply of crops for the nation’s ethanol industry. Almost the entire sugarcane production in India is used for producing sugar.

Ethanol can have only a limited impact on India's energy security. 
stamp design for Brazil country:

ALL agree that the crisis is inevitable. In fact, the Oil crash has already began. 95% of all the recoverable oil has been found now. Today about 90% of vehicular fuel needs are met by oil. This means, oil plays an important part in transportation. I started researching about the production of oil, economics, population and political issues behind the production of oil by today’s oil companies. After reading and watching documentation videos by Nation Geographic, I understood that it is very broad subject and multiple interpretations can be made in future.
I then came across that we could obtain fuel from water, coffee etc and such hypothetical concepts fascinated me. These are not so popular concepts but I feel which will be seen in future. Some of the theories are:
1.       Run your car on water: just by adding gasoline pill in water, the hydrogen molecule will be separated and fuel from hydrogen is possible.
2.       Fuel from coffee grounds is possible.
3.       Fuel from sugar cane. A large chunk of the Brazilian cane production is used for ethanol manufacture today. Since cane is manufactured in many countries I feel obtaining fuel from cane will solve many problems in future.
4.       Fuel from the plant algae.
5.       Use our friends to run. The future generation will return back to horses, cows, and bulls.

I had planned to make a book, with fiction illustrations depicting the scenes in the future. The illustrations would be based on facts. But I thought the form was inappropriate and wouldn’t be that impactful. I wanted to apply my research to make people aware of these concepts.  I then thought of making post stamps for the countries in which the above theories will be seen. This will create awareness about the unpopular sources of fuel in coming years.

 (I  will soon upload a better chart of all the stamp collections) 

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