Tuesday, March 27, 2012

After an absence of a clear concept for about two weeks I've decided to work on an installation. I want to talk about the transient nature of time and how it directly effects
knowledge. As of right now I want my form to be a bench. I had also considered the interior of a vehicle but decided a bench would be preferable due to its intelligibility and unpretentiousness.

The simplicity of a bench lies not only in its unaltered form but also in its function. The real world uses vary quite a bit - from sitting on it - waiting for a bus to spen
ding the night on one. But the common thread I want to exploit is the fact that no matter what activity takes place, its always for a feasible, calculable period of time, thus transient. I want this to be my basis to show how over time, knowledge that we had once gained, can one day be lost, disproved or altered. I want to discuss how what we know at a particular period can actually be what we think we know and not the ultimate truth.
The beauty of knowledge lies in the actuality that there is so
much we cannot know.

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