Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Traveller in the Future

The intention of my project was to prototype the future of the city of Delhi as a travel designer. The essence of the city is that it has been built and rebuilt many times in the last thousand years and the whole research culminated in a travelogue based between the years 2032-2062.

January 27th
Listed out the heroes that have been mentioned in earlier blogpost.

February 3th -
Learn the model, learn the flaw.
One of the first inspirations for the project made by the artist Villemard. Basically there are a series of illustration about the year 2000 made in 1910 about the city of Paris. I used his model of illustrations as the medium for conceptualizing at this stage.

February 10th
This week the research was on air travel and transport in general.
Reached the following conclusions.

"Flights are actually free and airlines will make money on the perks like in-house holographic movies or sleeping pods.

The plane arrives on the Single Asian Sky network, the automated network that ensures smooth operations and continuos descent of aircrafts throughout.

Smaller planes are known as the Super-quiets and hop between smaller airports.

The solo transporters run on electricity or hydrogen fuel.

No more problems of waiting at the gates, the luggage is delivered and their is non-stop service till the gate. "

February 17th

Cars in the city of Delhi are all automated and run on the Cloud, automated so that there are no accidents and traffic jams are a thing of the past.

All vehicles run on solar energy.

As one goes they see the heritage sites of the city encased in huge bubbles so as to preserve these space as places that are atmospherically regulated and keep the nostalgic sense of the city alive.

February 24th
This week I incorporated the notion of patterns in technology into the project.

One to One
One to Many
Many to Many

Either its a system or its not.
The following is in regard to the same;
Most of the systems about the project are thought on a many to many structure.

March 2nd
Trip to Delhi.

March 9th
The work of another hero by the name of Michiao Kaku.
Among noted works is the BBC Documentary about the future.
Part of his predictions that made a lot of sense involved the fact that the future would probably be based around the natural laws of nature. These would involve things like the quantum theory of physics, the atomic theory of chemistry and the DNA theory of biology.

March 16th
Exploring art, especially that dealing with Augmented Reality.

"Although there are the for virtual reality programs, in my future, when it comes to typography, 2D is the new avant-garde, and the art installation our traveller experiences makes him use his physical senses rather than viewing the 3-D projections of text that are so common."

March 23rd
I excluded the following chapters from the final exhibition.

Chapter Seven : Society

If society were to be analyzed, marriage is something of the past, an institution that does not exist.

As the population of the world stabilized at 9.7 billion a few years prior, it has turned out to be one of. People dress freely and live freely. You get a skin and can look like whoever you want to, whenever you want to.

Chapter Eight: Slums
There is construction which is heavy in the slums due to the constant need for these places to be built and rebuilt.

Slum resemble the floored cities that look like those bonzai plants rather than the uniquely different city complexes which are almost transparent in their attitude of disconnect from the rest of human civilization.

The levels are very grey with vegetation of garbage and plastic rather than the green pastures of the upper or middle levels.

March 30th.


The visuals uploaded are part of the final presentation.
1. Long distance travel through quadriceptors
2. 3-rotor of the future
3. Plantscrapers in the city
4. Augmented reality artwork part 1
5. Augumented reality artwork part 2

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