Thursday, March 15, 2012

Movie break up

This is the basic break up of the movies. These are just three categories in which the movies are going to be broken up into, the more specific details of the break up in relation with time will come into the info graphic directly.

Back to the future-
Mode of transport: Time machine
to secure love
what resulted to travel:
- by mistake: for himself
-to change the future: for family
- to correct a mistake in the past: for friend

Midnight in Paris:
mode of transport: time machine
to find love
what resulted in time travel:
chance: to experience the past

Prince of Persia:
mode of time travel: the sand in the dagger
to save loved ones
What resulted in time travel:
discovered by mistake: to alter a few minutes of the past

Donnie Darko
Mode of time travel: portal
To save the world
what resulted in the travel:

Prisoner of Azkhaban:
mode of time travel: time turner
To save a life
What resulted n time travel:
catching up with class

Time travelers wife:
mode of time travel: human body
to secure destiny
what resulted in time travel: a defect in the body. 

Mode of time travel: science
to save lives
what resulted in time travel:
A science experiment.

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