Saturday, March 10, 2012

Proposal for the future of performance art

In my last blog post I listed a few predictions. This is how I plan on achieving them in my semi-devised performance.
Prediction I
Performances being restricted in a smaller space.
I plan to perform in a box that is a 3’x3’x3’ cube constructed from wooden frames. The rear of the cube is an acrylic mirror sheet, the front is a 2-way mirror, and the top, right and left are fabric planes. The bottom of the box is left open.

Prediction II
Disconnect between the performer and the audience
The two way mirror works on the principle – ‘whichever side of the mirror has more light can be seen through by the person on the other side’. Before the performance begins, the light inside the box is off and the audience lights are on, hence, the audience cannot look through the two way mirror but just see a reflection of themselves.
As soon as the audience light goes off and the stage lights( light inside the box) come on, the audience can see through the two-way mirror and it becomes a mirror for the performer inside the box. Therefore the performer cannot see the audience but himself creating a disconnect.
Prediction III
Simple movement with repetition
In the final performance, there’ll be more focus on movement than words. I plan to keep the performance visually rich.
Also, considering there are 2 mirrors in the box facing each other, the audience will be able to see an infinity effect causing repetition of every simple movement done by the performer. Also, the mirrors will give more depth to the space, as a result making it appear bigger.
Prediction IV
Basic lighting and monochrome
Considering the fact that the box has 2 mirrors parallel to each other, even a single source light i.e. a CFL bulb works perfect and gives dramatic shadows.
The performer’s body is painted grey as I want NO color inside the box, NOT EVEN SKIN. It’s all black and white monochrome.

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