Thursday, April 5, 2012

Visualizing the Future of Transportation

Transportation possibilities

“Transportation is one of the most important, yet also one of the most overlooked activities within modern society.”
- Mark Safford

My ideation process began with the thought of how people would commute about 50 -100 years down the line. The possibilities are endless, and everyone would visualize something entirely different from the other. The public should be aware of the growing needs of mass movement and that will gradually develop through the course of time. We as designers have the ability to improve the standard of living just by modifying transient spaces. Movement of the general public would be a plausible method of improving the conditioning of a given locale. Technology based studies would help us in achieving the necessary tools we require to design structures that would affect the course of history. Artificial Intelligence is one such aspect of technology that can hamper distresses of the everyday commuter. Comfort would be overcome by luxuries such as multi-tasking in traffic. Micro modes of transport would also enhance the movement in city spaces with the possibilities of A.I. Segways for each individual citizen. Macro modes would include New theories of everything(TOEs) and we can develop on the String theory and dimension shifts. We can achieve brilliant results with science and technology and it does not mean that designers are excluded in this process. They might even be the pioneers of future transportation.

Initial Iteration

Autorikshaw / Segway

String theory : 'Dimensionless' train

Futuristic Yakovlov Yak - 40

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