Sunday, April 1, 2012

Explanations of my illustrations

Space Travel

Gravity Slingshot-
This concept that I studied is the use of gravity slingshot to assist a spaceship in acceleration. If we could use this theory to make a spaceship use four to five planets of our solar system to use gravity assist and travel at the speed of light, it could make space travel much cheaper and faster to travel long distances in no time. The last assist has to come from the largest planet in our solar system which is Jupiter that would provide the final major assist.

Flying Saucer-
The myth that the flying saucer exists might be able to turn into reality. A saucer is a perfect spaceship to travel in space and if it can be assisted by Neutrinos then it can even travel at light speed. If the saucer is provided energy be the Neutrinos and their similar shapes can help the saucer replicate it then even the saucer can travel at light speed if spun around like those particles and led to any direction it has to go to. The base of the saucer receives the neutrinos that then spins around which activated the turbine. The turbine will also then start rotating which would spin the saucer just like the Neutrinos. The only flaw in this theory is that it cannot change directions once it’s moving.
The opening at the bottom shuts as it’s about to land. An object at such speed cannot be stopped that easily so if it is slowed down a bit by the time it reaches another planet, it can be stopped completely by using the ripple effect. It needs to find large water bodies like the ocean on Earth itself and then like the skipping of a stone on water, the saucer has to replicate the same motion and skip on the water to gradually slow down.

Space Elevator
The Space Elevator concept is the same as the one that exists except my own interpretation of its visuals and for the space station that it will connect to. This I imagine existing in the next thirty to forty years.

Ion Motor Trains
I thought of an idea as to how space technology can also benefit the technology on Earth. Hence, a train that could use ion motors for acceleration that could help it accelerate ten times faster than it does today. However, ion propulsion is acceleration with patience so if the train was planted with multiple motors and if they were to be started after a certain intervals of time then it might not have to wait before it accelerates to its full potential. The back of the train contains the main ion motors where as the external ones for assist are on the sides.

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